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A Family Love Banner

A Family Love BannerAh, yes, the sound of the cash register ringing up the love of money. Are you feeling like you want to avoid that and instead make a genuine effort this Valentine’s Day? Look no further, the whole family can participate in this activity. I have nothing against the commercialism of Valentine’s Day, I just don’t need anymore stuff off the shelves. If you are looking for something to raise people up with loving words, this is it.

I have this fantastic window in my kitchen with very exciting white curtains. Ha! So, come holiday time, we like to jazz them up. For Valentine’s Day, I went digging in my bin of stuff and found some beads and festive paper. The kids helped make Valentine’s for the top row, I did the words, but then everyone helped with the bottom row.

Here’s what we did. Everyone was given two hearts for each person. On each heart, they had to write something they love about that person. It could be something they are good at, that they like to do together, something they admire about them, or anything as long as the words were loving and built the person up. So, in our family that meant each person got 10 hearts full of loving words.

We gave each pocket out after our Valentine’s meal and read them. It was so much fun to hear what others wrote because I didn’t look at them ahead of time. We did this early in the week before the 14th and we put them in as we finished. No peeking was the rule. It was so cute because my youngest daughter had me help her with everyone’s but she asked a brother to help her with mine, so it was a secret.

You see, kids love this. And whether everyone in the family gets along all the time or not, we all had something loving to say about each other. Because we are a family. We work hard to teach our children to say things that build each other up, to give hugs – not hits, and kisses – not kicks. Because we are a family. God has blessed us and allowed us to be together and we need to grow that bond and this is a great way.

Remember, your banner doesn’t need to be fancy. We did a variation on this a couple of years ago with the Tree of Love. It’s not about the presentation, it’s about the words on the notes. You better believe I have all those notes tucked away. You never know, when they think they are too tough for love, I’ll be pulling them out.

So, get your chocolates and roses. Open a bottle of wine or make a heart shaped pizza. Celebrate Valentine’s Day however you like. And, if you’re feeling up to it, add in these messages. Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Tree of Love

February 2014 062

The Tree of Love

I’m a big supporter of showing your love everyday, not just on a man-made money-making holiday. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to have a little fun! I see all these beautiful Valentine ideas and decorations out there, however it’s just not me. It’s just not my family style. And so, the Tree of Love.

My daughter and I bought the pink garland and beads after Christmas. Fortunately I remembered it was there so we got it out and had a grand time weaving it through the tree. The lights stay on all year so there is always a little twinkle if we want it. We also made some heart decorations. See the big purple heart below? She ripped all those pieces and made a face.  You just can’t buy that at the store! It was so much fun working on this while the brothers were at school. These items do not make this the Tree of Love. The messages do.

February 2014 062

All of those clothespins are holding messages written by everyone in the family to each other. I told everyone they had to write why they love someone or about something they like to do with another person. No two can be the same. (In other words, my 4th grader can’t write the same thing 5 times!) No blanket statements here, you have to think.

This was fun to do with my little girl as she told me how she likes that her brother lets her watch him play on his Kindle. And I liked how my youngest son put up a shield around his writing space so I wouldn’t see what he wrote to me. I’m so excited to find out.  What do my kids perceive as loving actions from me? The one I wrote for my husband is a little silly, but I can’t write it here because he’ll see it 🙂

So while this wouldn’t be a “pinnable” moment in many people’s eyes, it is in mine. Because come Valentine’s Day, after enjoying a meal of heart-shaped hamburgers with heart-shaped buns, and a special dessert (I’m torn between red velvet cake or chocolate bowls filled with ice cream) everyone will get to open 5 special messages of love.

If you don’t have a tree, use a vase. Put some pencils in it and tape a note on each one. Or hang the notes on the fridge. Or just put them in a bowl on the table. It’s never to late to make your own Tree of Love. Love your family, love your kids and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!