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You Are the Coffee Shop Pastor!


Thanks for stopping by. It’s coming up on the season of giving and the season where you will be busy with get togethers and gift giving. In other words, you are going to be meeting people, talking with people, and I want to know if you are ready. Are you ready to listen? Are you ready to take genuine time to hear someone. Are you ready to share your thoughts, but not monopolize the conversation and turn it into being about you?

If you aren’t sure how that looks, The Coffee Shop Pastor is for you. Here is one man who listens and interacts with those who come his way. He isn’t preachy or shoving the Bible in faces. He’s simply being the listening ears and offering encouragement to those he encounters in a coffee shop.

Do you go to a coffee shop regularly? Or the gym? Or the library? Or the bar? The where doesn’t really matter. It’s the relationship building you do as you meet people. Yes, even one meeting can be the catalyst for that person in ways you can’t even imagine because our God is good and He knows what we all need.

I challenge you to skip your cup of coffee today and purchase The Coffee Shop Pastor to begin reading tomorrow. It’s not a Shakespeare or a Charles Dickens, but it is a story of what you can do – and you don’t need to have pastor as a title to do it. It is also a devotional with some questions that are meant to make you think about how you are being a coffee shop pastor right where you are.

Hop on over here to read advice from the real Coffee Shop Pastor. He is not only my husband, but he has a great desire for you to live out your life on mission wherever you are. Yes, even in a coffee shop. Relationships can be built anywhere and they lead to conversations about Jesus. People will notice that you live your life differently and they will want to know why. Eventually – be patient.

The way you take time for people can have a lasting impact on them. It can be the beginning of a consideration of a relationship with God or the beginning of a relationship with you. If you don’t take the time to listen, you will never know.

Yes, ordinary people, like you and me can make a difference. Here’s the background of how I came to write the book and why it’s so exciting that people are buying it. Thank you for your support.


Missional Living – People Are Coming to Your Door this Halloween


Whether you like it or not, Halloween is a big deal. Decorations go up, parades are planned, and kids get to dress up and become whatever they want. Trick-or-treat night is a big deal. Have you seen the candy displays? So, what are you giving out to all the visitors? Yes, visitors…to your front porch…no invitation needed. Don’t tell me you’re hiding with the porch light off!!!

If missional living isn’t a part of your line item household budget, it needs to be. Let me tell you what we did last year and I hope you copy this idea and put it to work at your house, in your neighborhood, with the people around you.

Last year, we decided to go all out. We live in town, with sidewalks, and lots of families around. PK and I decided to go big. We got a ton of candy – the good stuff, six big containers of hot cocoa, two (or was it three) gallons of apple cider, and 200 coffee cups with lids.

Yes, we set up shop on our front porch and gave away candy, hot cocoa, and warm cider to everyone. Kids, parents, aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpas, a few people we knew and a bunch of people we didn’t know. My husband felt like a barista. I think we had 20 cups left. No one complained when the line was ten deep or they had to wait for the next batch of warm cider.

In fact, do you know what happened? People talked and laughed. We weren’t strangers. We were people out with our kids. We could ooh and ah about costumes and commiserate about how something fell off or so and so was having a melt down and by the way what’s your favorite candy you are taking out of your kid’s bag.

Does this mean you can’t take your kids out trick-or-treating? No. I took mine out while Keith manned the stand. It was a chilly evening, but I had my cup of cider with me. It was advertisement. Someone said, “I could use a warm drink” and I replied, “Go up to the house on so and so street. They are giving it out for free.” I didn’t say it was my house, because it didn’t matter. Word got around that our house was the place to go.


Did we convert people and invite them all to our MAG? No, of course not. But we were friendly and open. We were just being kind. People tried to pay us and we said ‘no’. They asked why we were doing this and we said because it sounded like fun. It’s really that simple. Be kind. Be the only light of goodness that people might see all week.

So, go get your Halloween spirit out. Go buy more candy than you can imagine. Get some cocoa, cider, and cups. Or get whatever you think people will enjoy. Set up on your porch or lawn and get ready to serve. Be a presence in your neighborhood! Don’t just talk about it. Take action! Have fun!

Oh – one last thing. Don’t worry about being Pinterest perfect, your heart intentions are much more important. Prior to the picture with PK being taken, a gust of wind came and blew my ceramic pumpkin off the table and it shattered. Like I needed to clean that up in the midst of everything else! Really, just have fun!