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Easy Reversible Bag for Little Girl’s

Will it Work Wednesday 2

I found this reversible bag to make here. It really does only take about 30 minutes to make and when you mix up the colors and designs you can get some pretty cute bags.

June 2014 002To make them special, I call them bow bags and fill it with different ribbons and hair ties or clips. Not the greatest picture below, but you can see what I mean.

June 2014 004If you like the flowered clips, they are really easy to make. I used a paper towel tube to put them on, but you can also just wrap a rectangular piece of cardboard in paper and slip them on.

So if you have okay sewing skills you might want to try this project out. It’s cute, thoughtful and perfect for a little girl. Have fun!



Cute Clipboard Transformation

Will it Work Wednesday 2

Sometimes it is hard to know what to give someone for their birthday. This clipboard stacked with goodies could be the gift you are looking for! The kids and I did this for a little girl who we knew liked to write and doodle, but a brown clipboard was so plain.

IMG_4355Two shades of pink and we were good to go. The circles were so easy to make when we used the ring to a canning jar. No tracing or trying to stay in the circle. Even my 4 year old could do that!




Check out the flip side!




IMG_4358We topped the gift with some notepads, a pen and highlighter. Adding a bow with some tulle to hold everything together, I think it turned out nice. My kids ended up making one for themselves. We did zig zags and some more circles. They sure look snazzy and now we know whose is whose! I say, give it a try!


What is Your Gift to Jesus This Year?

What is Your GiftHave you been frantically searching to find the perfect gifts for everyone you know, overspending and charging it all? Or have you peacefully bought things throughout the year and spent a calm evening wrapping gifts with soft music playing in the background? Either way, I don’t care, my real question for you is: What is your gift for Jesus this year?

That’s right, for Jesus. After all, without His birth, what would we have to celebrate? The blessings and horrors of the world would just be the way it is. But with His birth, comes His death, and the knowledge and assurance we can have that with faith in Jesus we will live forever in a much better place.

So I ask you again: What is your gift for Jesus this year?

Take a look at this picture, do you see something?


Let’s zoom in.


Now do you see it? A stocking for Jesus. Do you have one for Him? We have been putting Jesus’ stocking out for years. Inside it you will find birthday cards and little notes telling Jesus what we are doing for Him to honor Him on His birthday. It’s our gift for Jesus.

I am not talking about serving in a soup kitchen or helping someone across the street. This gift isn’t really a gift for yourself, like a trip or new electronic toy. It’s a gift for Jesus. You need to kick it up 1,000% and it will still pale in comparison to what He can do.

A gift like this will pinch your pocketbook or put a kink in your perfect schedule. It requires you to give without strings, without reservations, and without expecting anything in return.

This gift needs to be done in secret. If you go out and share it on facebook, twitter, or whatever, you aren’t doing it for Jesus, you’re doing it for your own glory, so don’t even bother. Decide what you will give and do it in secret and anonymously. That warm glow in your heart will keep you going for a while and you will want to duplicate it again.

Need some suggestions? Here you go:

  • Buy all the food needed to serve meals in a soup kitchen or shelter for a day or a week.
  • Love a family in your school district. Ask your local school if there is a family they know who needs help. (And there will be.)Then send the school gas and food store gift cards for that family. They’ll see that it gets there. I challenge you to give them as much for food as you would spend on your family, plus some.
  • Commit to giving your time to a project or service you believe in and make it a regular part of your life. Then, never find an excuse to say you can’t make it because something else ‘better’ came along.
  • Find a missionary to support. Decide how much you can give them each month above and beyond your regular tithe. Then jump start your giving by sending in a support check that will cover an entire month.

These are just some suggestions. Look around your community and you will find a need that is waiting to be filled by you. It’s not too late, Christmas is still a few days away. Take the focus away from your needs and wants and turn it to others.

In fact, if you really want a challenge, I dare you to add up your total receipts and then give that amount (in secret) as your present to Jesus. After all, why wouldn’t you give a present to the one who’s birth we are celebrating? Merry Christmas!