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Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5

Really? I’m supposed to trust someone I can’t see rather than my own brilliant brains? Oh my, this Proverb is pretty straightforward. No hard words and no super hidden message. Just trust. And that, my friends, is the word which makes the rest of the passage so hard to commit to.

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5

In other words, we need to trust that the LORD has got it all under control. We need to have complete and total faith that God knows what He is doing better than we do. You and I must set aside anxieties about everything earthly because God’s not scurrying around, multi-tasking, running from one unfinished opportunity to another. He, in all His greatness and uncomprehendable amazingness, is focused on you and wants you to trust Him. So will you trust Him?

Will you trust Him with ALL of it? Did you catch that? Trust in the LORD with all…Not a little, not some, not even just the things that are wearing you out and just don’t want to deal with. He wants you to trust Him with ALL of it.

Remember my brilliant brains remark above? Well, my understanding is miniscule, it is crumb sized in what I can possibly understand about everything that happens. Do you find yourself not wanting to watch the news because it’s just more awful stuff day in and day out? And do you understand why? I sure don’t. But God does. And He wants us to trust Him with it all. You can’t understand everything because you don’t know the whole plan!

I know I need to trust more. How about you? Just today, I yelled at my kids over something dumb, rolled my eyes at a colleague when I turned away, nearly forgot my lunch, and the toilet kept running. Some of these are petty things, but somehow they end up being a big deal in the moment. It’s all in perspective . You know, will all my kids remember of me is me yelling at them? Did my colleague have a bad night at home? Would I really have starved by missing one meal? And did the running toilet really break the bank?

See, you have to trust in the LORD that He knows all these things are happening and in His great plan, it will all work out. Maybe I had to yell at my kids so they would go to bed on time and be ready for their test. Maybe my rolling my eyes was better than making some unkind remark. Maybe I remembered my lunch because He knew I would be cranky with my students if I didn’t eat something. Maybe the running toilet is a reminder that the water bill is due this week.

I mean, who knows? He knows! And that is why I (and I encourage you) must work on trusting in the LORD with everything and realize that it is okay not to understand it all, but trust that He does.

I’m going to try to let go of something this week. To really turn it over to God and tell Him, I can’t handle this and I don’t have a plan for how to conquer this need. My oldest son recently turned 10. In my mind, this means he has spent over half of the time living with us that he will probably spend at home. How are we going to afford to send him to college? I struggle with this and it has been on my mind, looking for a solution, a way to tuck away some extra money. Sure we can get loans and look for scholarships, but what about books or living expenses? Will my husband and I be able to guide him to make good choices about his life path?

See, you have to start somewhere when turning it all over to God. The above worries me and I need to trust God that He can guide us. Will you trust the LORD with something too? I would love to hear from you about something that you want to trust to God. It’s a scary world out there and if your brains are as brilliant as mine are sometimes, it would be better if we trusted God and encourage each other.

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5

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