How Losing a Drill Bit Reminded Me to Help Others in Their Faith Walk

How Finding a Drill BitThe other day, I told my son he had to help me fix the fence around our yard. Pieces were coming loose and before they kicked a ball into it and it completely fell over, I thought we should try to tighten things up. I told him he could use the screw gun. Score! He was into that idea. So, we started in one spot and fixed the gate. We moved across the yard and he carried the screw gun. We get ready to start and he realizes the drill bit is gone. Really? He promises he tightened it up. After  saying his name dramatically several times and sighing heavily we try to back track.

Looking for the drill bit in the grass is a serious needle in the haystack event. I wished I had my dad’s big magnetic roller that he used on job sites to pick up nails. That would find it in no time. I run to the basement and find a little magnetic wand thing for picking up nails or screws if you drop them behind something. I go back out to the grass and realize that won’t help at all. Plan B.

I holler for the other three kids and tell them to get out back. I tell them what happened and describe what we are looking for. The five of us kneel down, shoulder to shoulder, on the grass and we start crawling and running our hands through the grass. Within 7 seconds my second oldest cries out, “I found it!” We whoop and holler and I give him a hug and tell him we couldn’t have done it without him. Off we go to finish our fence repair.

What does this have to do with helping others in their faith walk? Well, that drill bit is important and without it, I can’t use my drill. I would have to go to the store, search the aisles for the right bit, buy it, and head back home before I could finish fixing my fence. I didn’t want to do that. I wanted my drill bit back. So, I looked for it and my son looked for it, and when we couldn’t find it, we called three other people to help us find it.

Remember the parable of the lost coin in Luke 15? The lady loses a silver coin and then sweeps and searches for it until she finds it. Then she celebrates and tells others that she finds it. It is our job to see who is lost and go after them.

Who are you shoulder to shoulder with? Have you met someone who doesn’t know Jesus, but maybe through your friendship with them they are starting to open up? Don’t gallop off on your own. Stay shoulder to shoulder. Perhaps you know someone who is falling away from their faith. Stay shoulder to shoulder with them and run your hands through the grass together. Then celebrate when they find their way back.

In a world where the headlines constantly show the worst, we need to do the tough work of helping others find their way to the one we are in relationship with, Jesus. It is time to get down on your knees, shoulder to shoulder with others, and start helping to find that lost coin. Get your hands dirty in the grass and don’t miss a spot. You’ll know when your search is over and then celebrate with others!

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