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Homemade Texas Roadhouse Rolls

Going to Texas Roadhouse is always a treat for our family. Last time we were there, everyone filled up on so many rolls and peanuts we actually had leftover dinner to bring home! My son asked me if I could make the rolls at home. So, I found this recipe for Texas Roadhouse’s Rolls with Cinnamon Butter. I didn’t need the butter, but the picture of the rolls was enough to make me want to try this recipe. So, I did.

Texas Roadhouse Rolls

They take some time, what with the double rising and all, but if you want good bread, it sure is worth it. I actually made the dough in the morning before work and put it in the fridge. I had my son take it out when he got home (because PK is forgetful) and let it warm up. It was easy to pat out and fold. My only thing is I made them too big! That’s not really a bad thing since they were so good. But if you are looking for uniformity, watch as you cut.

I am saying this recipe is a keeper for Will it Work Wednesday. A delicious keeper. They are sweet and after the first bite my son said they’re just like them. I’ll be making these again. Now I need to work on steaks. If you need a yummy dessert, try these soft Lofthouse style cookies. Gee, wonder what other recipes I can find with the word house in it! Enjoy!

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Copycat Lofthouse Cookies

20151009_153357If you are looking for a delicious dessert to bring to your next get together, these cookies are definitely it. Soft Lofthouse Style Frosted Cookies really are an ultimate cookie.

I love finding things that work (the first time) for Will it Work Wednesdays. With six people in our family, I need to find keeper recipes. How about you?

Like the homemade tootsie rolls, I recommend following the recipe. They rolled out well without sticking too much. Just be sure to flour your cookie cutter occasionally. I got 48 nice circles and had a little icing leftover. I usually use margarine in baking and it turns out well. However, PK came home with super cheap margarine one day. I don’t recommend it for the icing. I had to add another cup or so of sugar and no milk to get it thickened up. I’ll definitely be making these again.


If you like to plan ahead, I want you to know I cut out all the discs and froze some (unbaked) on a tray. When I was ready to make more, I let them thaw on a tray before baking and you would never know. I love little advantages like that. Work once, eat many times, right?

Follow this link and make some today. They won’t last long once you do!

Will it Work Wednesday 2

Homemade Tootsie Rolls are Delicious!

Homemade Tootsie Rolls

Are you looking for a sweet, easy treat for snack or to pull out for dessert? Will it Work Wednesday is letting you know you have to try these tootsie rolls. I remember seeing a ‘How do they make that’ sort of show once and saw them making them. Who knew I would be able to replicate them at home?

20151002_193314Check out the recipe I used here. Follow the recipe and they are delicious. A few hints that will help (in my opinion):

  • Make sure you put enough powdered sugar in so the dough is really stiff.
  • When you are rolling out the dough, do it on parchment paper and then lift it onto the tray. I just used my hands and patted it down. Don’t worry about the extra sugar, it will get rolled up in it.
  • Make sure the dough stays cool. As soon as it warms up it melts together.
  • Don’t even bother wrapping them, just eat them!

20151003_105914My only issue is that they do melt together when sitting out. So, I just leave them on the tray in the fridge and they are self serve. They don’t look like much, but the kids love eating them! I did wrap them in wax paper the first time I made them.  That took a lot of effort when they were unwrapped just as fast!

Have fun making and eating them!

Will it Work Wednesday 2


Tomato, Basil, Cheese Yum!


Looking for something to do with those last tomatoes? Here is a yummy side that can be presented two ways. I’ve brought both to some get togethers over the summer and didn’t bring any back home!

I basically put tomatoes, basil, and cheese into the search bar of Pinterest to see what could be done. Here is one recipe that got me going. The little kabobs were so cute. From there, I decided to just mix pepperoni, basil leaves, tomatoes, and cheese. The first time I used Asiago cheese on the kabobs, but in the dish it is just plain old mozzarella.

Pop the ingredients onto a toothpick, put on a pretty plate and you are on your way. I didn’t drizzle any dressing on top. Be sure to slide everything off the toothpick and into your mouth at once for some fireworks for your taste buds! In the dish, it was just as tasty.


Go ahead and give this salad a try with those last tomatoes. I think you’ll find it tasty and simple to put together. I know it has inspired me to try to use my fresh basil more. May I suggest putting the tomato and basil leaves on a grilled cheese sandwich? I did this too and it was delicious! Enjoy!

Will it Work Wednesday 2

Bread on a Stick

Will it Work Wednesday 2

Even though summer is ending this campfire camping food is still great for outdoors in the fall. Bread on a stick is simple and tasty. If you are looking for just the right food to try over the campfire, this is it.


The dough is pretty simple. Just some flour, baking powder, salt and water. Some recipes use butter or oil. You can just search and find one. Mix it together and let it set for a few minutes. Pull the dough into pieces and roll it out between your hands. I’m telling you it is that easy.

If you’re lucky, the kids found the sticks and you can wrap that dough around it. If your hubby has the fire going you are all set. Hold them over the fire, preferably not catching them on fire! let them cook until it puffs out and looks done.

We served ours with some spaghetti sauce. Go ahead and try it! Play a good game of corn hole on your homemade board afterwards.

Bread on a Stick 1

Cardboard Corn Hole Game


We went camping the other week and the kids had been talking about the corn hole game since last summer when we camped with friends and they had it. Of course we were going to leave in a couple of days and I know how the thrill of having something lasts for a few minutes and they are on to the next thing. So, when I saw some DIY corn hole games on Pinterest I thought they looked really nice. Heavy duty, cute designs painted on, and super expensive!

First off, we don’t have room for that in our car or pop up. Second, seriously, I don’t call spending $100 to make something like that thrifty as some posts claimed. Obviously there are different ideas of thrifty out there and that is ok.

So, if you’ve seen my other cardboard things, you know it is pretty neat what you can do with a box. And wouldn’t you know, beside our recycle bin was the perfect box. So the kids and I got to work.

They found a lid that was the perfect size to trace for our circle. We had one circle, but then they decided it needed two, with each hole worth different points. Next I cut, then they decorated, and then popped it together across the back with a rubber band and brad. It collapses flat and takes less than 10 seconds to put back together.

For the bean bags, we filled some sandwich bags with a little rice, sealed them up and then shoved it in a sock and turned the sock again. Wa-la our bean bags were done.

IMG_0044Remember, I’m not always looking for perfection and so this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. That’s okay. We had a blast with this. And having one worked out fine because one person tossed and then the other stood by the box and threw the bags back.


The kids were very efficient. We played it for quite some time while we camped in the peaceful moments when we weren’t growling at each other over why do we camp because we are such hotel people! But, it was fun and something to remember! Go ahead and give it a try!

Will it Work Wednesday 2


Easy Reversible Bag for Little Girl’s

Will it Work Wednesday 2

I found this reversible bag to make here. It really does only take about 30 minutes to make and when you mix up the colors and designs you can get some pretty cute bags.

June 2014 002To make them special, I call them bow bags and fill it with different ribbons and hair ties or clips. Not the greatest picture below, but you can see what I mean.

June 2014 004If you like the flowered clips, they are really easy to make. I used a paper towel tube to put them on, but you can also just wrap a rectangular piece of cardboard in paper and slip them on.

So if you have okay sewing skills you might want to try this project out. It’s cute, thoughtful and perfect for a little girl. Have fun!



On the Fly S’mores

On the Fly S'mores

Well, we are doing some camping. I use the term camping loosely since we go in a hotel on wheels. Yup, we all pile into the pop up for some adventure and usually at least one night includes roasting marshmallows.

Here's PK maintaining the fire.
Here’s PK maintaining the fire.

My kids are kind of hit or miss with wanting s’mores, so last week when we went camping, I just brought along some marshmallows. Of course, they all couldn’t believe I didn’t bring graham crackers and chocolate for s’mores. *sigh*

So, they started to roast or burn some marshmallows. And then I was like, “Wait!” I ran in the pop up and brought out those can’t eat just one of ’em chocolate striped cookies we got from the Dollar Tree.

Crackerish cookie + chocolate on the bottom + toasted marshmallow = s’more on the fly!


And it was so much less of a hassle! The kids enjoyed them. I enjoyed them and we all went to bed happy. Really, give it a try. Yummy!

Will it Work Wednesday 2

Soy Flour Egg Substitute

Soy Flour

Do these look delicious to you?

Soy Egg Waffles

They are…or were! Today’s Will it Work Wednesday is a food substitute. After last week’s let down (literally) I’m glad this worked!

Will it Work Wednesday 2

My mom emailed me last week and asked if I had heard that egg prices were going up because all the chickens got sick and so there was a shortage. No, I hadn’t heard, but the next day I went to the store and sure enough, there was a sign saying just that. Who needs Yahoo, when I’ve got Mom?!?

Well, I bought a dozen eggs for too much money and on the way home I got to thinking. Years ago, after I got my first job and apartment, I was always looking for frugal things to do. My Mom, again, told me about the Tightwad Gazette. It has a ton of frugal, practical ideas in it. I had jotted one down with my pancake recipe to substitute eggs with soy flour and water.

Well, next morning, I decided to give it a try again and save those precious eggs for something else that really needed eggs for. And they turned out terrific. Here is the secret:

1 heaping Tblsp. soy flour + 1 Tblsp. water = 1 egg

I doubled our pancake (from scratch) recipe and doubled the egg substitute. They were yummy. I didn’t tell the kids and they didn’t comment until the oldest one said, “These taste different”. My heart stopped. He continued with, “They taste like the restaurants.” Whew! They passed the taste bud test of an 11 year old!

So, I got to wondering if the egg substitute would work in cookies. So, used my normal recipe and got these beauties:

Soy Egg CookiesTasted just as good and I suppose less cholesterol! Now, I’m going to have to try this out with a cake mix and see if it works just as well. In the meantime, save an egg when you whip up these two items!