Are You Serving or Expecting to be Served?

Are You Serving

Why do you think it’s natural to demand time from our leaders to serve us, instead of serving with them, being accountable to them, and being trained by them?  -PK

So, there is the big question. What do you expect your pastor or church to do? We have recently joined forces with another local church plant and this shift in thinking is positive all around. If one pastor is supposed to tend to the needs of the whole flock, to be pulled in multiple directions, and counsel all issues, how effective is that? Like any job if one person tries to do it all, they become burnt out and the joy of the work is gone. Also, if people are coming to church expecting to be served all the time, is the church doing its job?

The church is a unique body of people who believe and have faith in Jesus, a man who they have never seen or heard. They meet together to worship this man and ideally to serve Him. After all, Jesus came as a baby, a common man who served and didn’t expect to be served. So, how can we all become servants in the church and not just expect the head pastor or church in general to do it all.

Let’s look to 1 Corinthians 16:5-18. Paul is writing and he tells the people in verses 10-11, “When Timothy comes, see to it that he has nothing to fear while he is with you, for he is carrying on the work of the Lord, just as I am. No one, then, should treat him with contempt.” Paul is telling people “Hey, I can’t make it yet, trust this dude Timothy to teach you and help you on your journey!”

This is what we need to do in church. Listen to your pastor and if he tells you that a certain elder, small group leader, or this other guy can help you then don’t feel slighted. Who better to help you through a problem or to pray for you than one who has walked through a similar journey? Just like a businessman surrounds himself with the best leaders to build his business, a pastor will find the best Godly men and women to help you.

You know Satan would love it if we were fighting amongst ourselves in church. He wants you to put your pastor on a pedestal so the focus turns from Jesus to some man who is going to fail you. Because the truth is, pastor’s don’t know it all and they will disappoint you.

What you can do is allow a pastor to lead and shape you so you can carry out your ministry to the church. All leaders need help and encouragement. Their job is to train others and you need to support them in this. Then the church becomes a group of servants, willing to serve others. So, how can you serve? How are you going to allow a godly man to train you so that you can serve those around you? Change your mindset from expecting your pastor and church to serve you to serving alongside your pastor for your church.

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