11425103_641489525988639_3426893640896119234_nOlivia is the wife of one and mom of four awesome kids. Committed to faith, family, and fun, she is striving to make every day count as she is a mom, teacher, and the pastor’s wife.

If you feel like you are just kind of holding on to life by the edges as a parent, remember to love your kids. Fellow church planters will understand the need for simple celebrations as milestones come and the decisions that come along with it.

Maybe you find your own life needs some tweaking and you are looking for some words to live by. PK’s (aka Pastor Keith, aka Olivia’s husband) messages are broken down so that you can apply God’s word in your life. He has a passion for reaching those who don’t know Jesus and I want to help!

Perhaps your children said they want to do something fun, now! You’ll enjoy Will it Work Wednesday where I try out things you have seen on the internet. As an average person, I’ll let you know if it was successful or whether it just didn’t work. It’s always fun!

If you’re visiting from my Teachers Pay Teachers store, thank you and I hope you find something you can use in class. From original projects to encouraging series, this isn’t ordinary music class.

When that alarm clock goes off, it’s time to get moving even if it feels like morning came quickly! Thanks for stopping by.


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