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The Path of Faith

the path of faith

Faith is trust and belief. Think of all the things you need to have faith in each day. Faith that your car will start to get you to work. Faith that your kids will be safe at school after they get on the bus. Those examples of faith are ones you can see and at some point in the day have answers too. But what about faith in regards to God? You can’t see Him, so how does it work?

The path of faith is not an easy one. In fact, to grow in faith means that you are going to fail. Yes, failure is a part of faith. Faith says, that despite the fact that I’ve fallen, I’m going to get back up and trust God’s plan. Proverbs 24:15-16 says, “Lie not in wait as a wicked man against the dwelling of the righteous; do no violence to his home; for the righteous falls seven times and rises again, but the wicked stumble in times of calamity.” When we trust God’s plan, we are saying, “Ok, God, I need to listen for your voice and do what you want me to do. My way doesn’t work, show me Your way.”

Living by faith will stretch you. It’s not sitting on life’s La-Z-Boy.     -PK

Proverbs 16:3 tells us that God directed plans will succeed in His way. And you know who’s going to everything in his power to derail your God directed plan? Who’s going to get in your face and mind and plant seeds of doubt, confusion, and discouragement? You got it. Satan. Satan loves when we start to think, “Maybe I shouldn’t do this”. Jesus had it hard and he had Satan going after him too. Satan wants you to fail. Jesus wants you to flourish.

While Satan whispers doubts in your ears, Jesus is coming after you and is there for you. And even when the object of our faith doesn’t work out the way we wanted it to, Jesus is still there. He says, “Yup, there’s Olivia. Have to leave these 99 here and go after her”. And I should add “again” to that! Isn’t it awesome that he will go after that one sheep? It’s you, its me. Oh the love!

Faith is finding joy in whatever we are going through. They are not the joy suckers. In fact, remember to enjoy the suck. Be centers of joy and don’t let those joy suckers win.

Our human desire will never be satisfied. Proverbs 27:20 tells us, “Death and destruction are never satisfied, and neither are human eyes.” What we need is our faith to remind us that what we have, the path we’re on, and God’s gracious love are enough. Faith that is strong is faith that trusts. Faith that trusts is faith that believes. The path of faith isn’t straight, but if you keep God as your focus, the bumps don’t seem so bad.


He is Risen! Celebrate Year Round


Telling the good news of Jesus rising from the dead should not be taught on just one Sunday of the year. Easter is the good news that needs to be told all year. Without the resurrection, what hope do we really have? Everything in the Bible would just be another story. Aren’t we lucky it’s not? Good for you for being a teacher of little ones and sharing the good news that He is risen!

20160328_073254For this craft you will need:

  • one piece of construction paper
  • one He is Risen square He is Risen card
  • small piece of tissue/napkin
  • scissors, tape, markers, glue

Ok, so this requires a little prep on your part, but if you make one pattern, the rest just get done quickly. A template for your project is to the right. It’s really simple. Cut out two at a time, they don’t need to perfect. After all, it’s a cave with a stone.

Let the kids decorate the outside of their cave. Tri-fold the paper and tape the bottom together. Glue the stone to the long, thin piece of paper and the He is Risen and piece of tissue (Jesus’ empty burial clothes) inside. Weave the long stone paper through the two slits and you should be good to go.


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