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Genesis 3:24 Banished from the Garden

Genesis 3-24 aGenesis 3:24 has God banishing Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. He puts the angel outside, guarding it with a flaming sword. Now that is a sign to stay out! This craft gives kids the opportunity to create their own Garden of Eden and then the moving sword finishes it off.

The bad news is, that Adam and Eve’s act separated us from God. The good news is, is that Jesus came to earth to bridge that gap. And so if the angel with the sword  seems scary to kids, they need to be reminded that our actions have consequences. However, God loves us so much, He sent his son so we could ask for forgiveness. And God’s grace is so powerful!

For this craft you need: Genesis 3-24One copy of this paper per child Genesis 3-24

  • crayons
  • scissors and glue
  • flower/veggie pictures (I used spring catalogs)
  • one brad to poke through for the sword per child

Have the kids color the sword and angel, then cut down the dotted line and cut out the sword. Glue some pictures around the angel to represent the garden and poke through the sword and paper to put the sword in the angel’s hands.

Let the kids be creative with their gardens and maybe have them move the sword back and forth while speaking in a Godly voice about why they can’t go into the Garden of Eden.

John 4:13-14 The Woman at the Well


The story of the woman at the well is a great reminder to us that Jesus loves us all. Even the sinner. He wants us all to drink the water of life…faith in Him. This craft is easy and even though it uses paint (which I usually shy away from but you can read about my tears here) it was really well contained. Only use a drop!  A little goes a long way!

Using John 4:13-14, it says, ‘Jesus answered, “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life’.”

Isn’t that fantastic news you want to share with your kiddos today?

For this craft you will need:IMG_4521

  • One verse per child John 4 13-14
  • One Styrofoam cup
  • a short piece of yarn/twine
  • blue paint and brush
  • brown crayon
  • tape/glue
  • tablecloth

I just put a small drop of blue paint in the bottom of the cup and the kids swirled it around with a brush. We did this before the lesson to give it time to dry and then we finished them up after the lesson. You can just use a pen or pencil tip to poke a hole in the cup to tie the string on. Color the cup and glue/tape the verse on. Then they have their bucket of water to remind them of God’s gift of eternal life.

Not into paint? Check out this craft for the Good News at the Well.





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The story of Lazarus – yes, that’s him wrapped up in toilet paper for the kids to help re-tell the story.

Lazarus craft




Epehesians 4 – Have the kids cheer that they are part of Team Jesus!




All Your Toys Will be Turned Over

All Your Toys Will be Turned OverRemember “Everything Under the Sun Has Been Done“? There’s nothing new to be done. You eat, sleep, work, and sweat. Then at the end of the day, whether you were a positive thinker or a grumpy old man, you still die.

The power of positive thinking Godly thinking is where it is at. When you begin to change the way you think and take the focus off of you and start to ask what you can do to please God, you begin to get the real meaning of life.

Solomon searched for the meaning of life. He didn’t find it in his possessions or women or riches. He found that apart from God, life is meaningless. All of the stuff in the world is not going to go with us when we die. Sure, you have heard this before, “you can’t take it with you”. So, why are we working so hard to get that stuff when in the end all those toys will just go to someone else who didn’t work for it?

Solomon said it best in Ecclesiastes 2: 22-23. He writes, “What does a man get for all the toil and anxious striving with which he labors under the sun? All his days his work is pain and grief; even at night his mind does not rest. This too is meaningless“.

We have all been there, waking up in the middle of the night and thinking of everything you need to do or didn’t get done. Or in my case a song goes through my head as concert time approaches. Is it worth it? Well, of course we have to work to pay bills and do some fun stuff. And God doesn’t mind that. However, when it becomes all encompassing or stuff is the only that pushes you forward, He wants you to remember what Solomon said.

PK says it best,

You can work yourself to death, have all the money in the world, and have more toys than the next guy, but you can’t take it with you! Someone else, who didn’t work for it, will get your stuff!        -PK

So what is the antidote to that depressing news? Try giving instead of always receiving! Learn the joy of anonymous giving. You don’t need to be rich to do this, everyone can give in the way they are capable of. Once you have placed your faith in Christ, you have a new mission. One, to tell others. Two, to share Jesus’ love.

I wrote it before and I’ll write it again. Apart from God, everything comes up short. Allow God to work in your life and bless you. Then pass it on. It will become so easy and fulfilling. It will become second nature and others around you will want to know what is going on and it is your job to tell them!

WITH God, pleasure tastes so muchCheck out PK’s full message here by scrolling to June 20, 2015.

Love Your Kids

Love Your KidsIsn’t it incredible that God has given you some beautiful children to take care of while you are here on earth? If you’re starting to pull your hair out on summer vacation because the kids are home from school and it seems like the “I’m bored” phrase never ends, here is some encouragement. Here are 30 days of encouragement to love your kids for the small things daily. Love your kids!

Link to the Love Your Kids series.

Genesis 3:21-A Tunic to Help Tell the Story

 Trust me, I know this does not look like much!

Genesis 3_21However, in an effort to make a story that some kids have heard many times, new and meaningful, I made up some plastic tunics. In lieu of using animal skin, I used plastic tablecloths from the Dollar Tree. My pieces were leftover from another project.

I just used 4 pieces of tape to tape together at the neck and under the arms. If they hadn’t already been cut into pieces, I think I would have just cut a head hole and then used some twine as a belt. That would have been easier than tape. But, I’m using up and clearing out what is available in my house! And, I’m not making a trip to the store!

Genesis 3:21 is where God makes them clothes and using these will be like putting the kids in the story. They can pretend that they ate from the Tree of Knowledge and that they are “naked” in their clothes and then as you read the story further where God clothes them, you can pause and put on their new clothes.

Obviously God loves us so much that he cared to cover Adam and Eve. That simple act there is an act of love and grace, even though they had sinned. So, this simple covering here is a visual reminder of God’s love and grace that he has for us still today. Remind the kids that God loves them!

7 Things You Can Do to Transform Your Life

7 ThingsYou Can Doto Transform Your LIfe

As I’ve gone through this past week, the idea of the power of Godly thinking has just stuck with me. Solomon is searching for the meaning of life. All along it has been right in front of him. It’s on a billboard, with flashing lights, and his name being blared out over the loud speaker. But, he just doesn’t hear. Like him, we ignore all the signs and the voice calling our name in favor of trying to do it all on our own. How’s that working out for you? I know it leaves me feeling overwhelmed and like an underachiever.

So, I wanted to go back to Romans 12:2. “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

Solomon finds out as he searches for the meaning of life that nothing under the sun changes. He was ultra rich. If he saw his buddy had something, nothing could stop him from getting it. Suppose his rival got the latest chariot. Well, Solomon could go out and buy  hundreds more with an even cooler accessory. Do you see what I mean? We see what the world has and try to keep up with the Jones’, but you don’t have to.

Romans 12:2 clearly tells us that the world doesn’t know what is best. Changing the way you think by adding God to the mix is going to show you how to live your best life, for Him, in this world.

I mentioned these 7 things you can do to transform your life briefly here. But I keep thinking about them and want to turn them into action in my life. I want to share how you can take them from words and put them into action so your mind can be renewed and your life becomes more about doing God’s will and not the worlds.

  1. Surround yourself with Godly positive thinking. Read your Bible. If you’re not sure where to start, start in the book of John. Take a time out from friends who bring you down and start hanging out with a believer. You know you have at least one person in your life who believes in God and has probably mentioned it to you before but you shut them out. Pray.
  2. Flood your mind with Godly biblical thoughts. Read your Bible. Remember what you read. When you come across something that you want to remember as you read, write it down on a sticky note and put it someplace you will see it and can refer to as a reminder. Pray.
  3. Immerse yourself with the love of Jesus. Read your Bible. Remember what you read. Watch what you say and do. Are your words and actions kind and forgiving or helpful to others? Or are you still thinking of just yourself? Pray.
  4. Change the way you think in Jesus. Read your Bible. Remember what you read. Watch what you say and do. Grow a relationship with Jesus. Jesus isn’t some fictional character. It is historical fact that he was here on earth. Begin to think of him as a friend and read his word to learn about him. Pray.
  5. Put positive thoughts in the context of the Bible. Read your Bible. Remember what you read. Watch what you say and do. Grow a relationship with Jesus. Stop thinking about what the world says you “must” do. Please refer back to Romans 12:2 at the beginning of the post. Don’t conform but rather be transformed in the way you live your life. Pray.
  6. Ask Jesus for help as you do all of these things. Read your Bible. Remember what you read. Watch what you say and do. Grow a relationship with Jesus. Stop thinking about what the world says you “must” do. Pray. God always has a good signal on his phone line of prayer. It’s us that can’t hear him through the static of everything else going on. Pray.
  7. Serve someone else’s needs instead of just your own. Read your Bible. Remember what you read. Watch what you say and do. Grow a relationship with Jesus. Stop thinking about what the world says you “must” do. Pray.  Put me, myself, and I on the back burner. Look around you and you will find a world full of plastic smiles from people trying to get by. Doing whatever you want has consequences. How can you serve someone else? Pray.

This is a lot. But, as you can see, all 7 things build on each other. When they work together in your life, it becomes second-hand and more natural. Adding God to the mix isn’t an overnight, snap your fingers kind of thing. It needs to be intentional until it becomes a habit and then you still need to work on it so you are not drawn back into worldly stuff.

I pray that if you are reading this and struggling, that you might be able to add these 7 things into your life, so that you may renew your mind and live your life to please God as Romans 12:2 instructs us to do.

7 Things List


Quick Father’s Day Gift

In case you forgot, like I almost did, tomorrow is Father’s day! We don’t do a big hoopla about it at church but we do want to recognize Dad’s. I’ll set these out on a back table with a tablecloth and maybe some lifesavers or lollipops spread around.  Anyone can pull this off!

Dews for DadHere’s the label Dews for Dad. It’s so easy and you know Dad probably doesn’t want a flower!

Do You Know What This is a Sign of?

Look at this picture. What do you see?

DQ Spoons

Too many Dairy Queen spoons, I know! Yes, my husband (PK) and I have made a few too many trips to the local DQ this past year. It’s mostly stress eating. His job, my job, or just the burning desire for something super sweet. It’s amazing how sometimes we can just look at each other and we say DQ at the same time. Well, usually we mouth it so the kids don’t hear. (This is an after the kids go to bed treat.) I guess after almost 15 years of marriage you do start to think like one.

Anyway, based on last week’s live-it write up, we realized we needed to put our spending on a live-it too! So, we decided to buy our own ice cream and peanut butter cups and make our own. Oh my gosh, it is so easy! Plus, it is easier on the wallet and waistline!

No fancy mixing machine here, we just use our Kitchen aid mixer. Blend it up and serve.

IMG_0061IMG_0062DQ 2

Doesn’t it look delicious? Cool and refreshing at the end of a hot day? Look, I even used an official DQ spoon. Go ahead and live-it up. All in proportion and you’ll be just fine. Here’s the recipe PK used to make them! A whole gallon is good for six nice sized servings as we found out for PK’s birthday dessert. But for two we use this:

Homemade Blizzards



Soy Flour Egg Substitute

Soy Flour

Do these look delicious to you?

Soy Egg Waffles

They are…or were! Today’s Will it Work Wednesday is a food substitute. After last week’s let down (literally) I’m glad this worked!

Will it Work Wednesday 2

My mom emailed me last week and asked if I had heard that egg prices were going up because all the chickens got sick and so there was a shortage. No, I hadn’t heard, but the next day I went to the store and sure enough, there was a sign saying just that. Who needs Yahoo, when I’ve got Mom?!?

Well, I bought a dozen eggs for too much money and on the way home I got to thinking. Years ago, after I got my first job and apartment, I was always looking for frugal things to do. My Mom, again, told me about the Tightwad Gazette. It has a ton of frugal, practical ideas in it. I had jotted one down with my pancake recipe to substitute eggs with soy flour and water.

Well, next morning, I decided to give it a try again and save those precious eggs for something else that really needed eggs for. And they turned out terrific. Here is the secret:

1 heaping Tblsp. soy flour + 1 Tblsp. water = 1 egg

I doubled our pancake (from scratch) recipe and doubled the egg substitute. They were yummy. I didn’t tell the kids and they didn’t comment until the oldest one said, “These taste different”. My heart stopped. He continued with, “They taste like the restaurants.” Whew! They passed the taste bud test of an 11 year old!

So, I got to wondering if the egg substitute would work in cookies. So, used my normal recipe and got these beauties:

Soy Egg CookiesTasted just as good and I suppose less cholesterol! Now, I’m going to have to try this out with a cake mix and see if it works just as well. In the meantime, save an egg when you whip up these two items!