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Zucc-o-lanterns and Tomato Friends

Hey, if you’re not sure what to do with that zucchini that got out of control. (You know the ones that hid under the leaves or quadrupled in size overnight.) Then you need to make some zucc-o-lanterns.

October 2013 007 with address

We just cut the zucchini in two, carved the face, and then pulled the innards out. Fun!

And, if you have a few tomatoes that just aren’t going to turn or got a little too frosty overnight, turn them into Tomato Friends. A little paint (our permanent markers didn’t work so well) and creativity and you have some little creatures roaming around.

We used some crates and buckets covered with a piece of material from my Mom and clothes pinned it on. This is my kind of decorating! Happy Halloween!

Afternoon Creations

If you just need a little fun project and are into wizards of any sort, grab some play-dough or sculpey clay and just have some fun! This was made by my 6 year old boy. (That’s what he told me to write.) We are pretty sure this wizard is in a wizard world!October 2013 001

Then, when you are bored with that, get out the legos. After saving up some money, my son bought this set. Here he has them set up on our carpet, which I think just happens to look like the beach! Just look around, there’s a wealth of ideas right in your house too!

October 2013 003

Morning Perspective

When the alarm clock goes off for my husband, chances are, I’m up for the day too. Although, I lounge around in bed for another 15 minutes or so. What a treat, I mean it will be 4:15am! Then, up and at ’em.

Why do I get up so early? Well, there’s a lot to get done. I need to start with quiet time, then exercise time, shower time, computer time, throw in laundry time, make lunch time, eat breakfast time and then the kids are supposed to get up. Not until 6, that’s the rule.

Well, obviously, kids have heard that rules are for breaking. And, my little girl, is a good rule breaker. She’ll come creeping down at 5:30, during my “me” time. The nerve. Honestly, it really frustrated me. I just wanted a little time to do whatever before it was time for the real responsibilities of the day. So, I would seethe through my teeth, “Go back to bed, it’s too early!” This would be met with, “I can’t sleep”. Sometimes I would take her back up, tuck her back into her bed or mine and tell her to stay. Other times, I’d let her lie on the sofa.

But one time, I was emailing my Mom when she came down and I told her what was happening. Her response humbled me and changed my perspective. She told me to enjoy that time, let her sit on my lap, and just welcome her to make it our time – not my time.


I can’t say I am 100% successful with this all the time. There are still mornings that I don’t get everything done. And, truthfully, the little girl coming down the steps doesn’t happen nearly as often. But, when it does, I remember what my Mom said and let her cuddle on my lap while I finish up and then start my day from there.

It feels a lot better for me and I’m sure for her too. This was such a simple teaching moment from one Mom to another Mom. After all, morning came quickly.  What was I thinking not wanting to spend it with one of my favorite things in the world?

Lego Snake Creation

This Lego creation is based on the Cursed Cobra Statue from Lego’s Pharaoh’s Quest. When you see the price, you can see why we tell our kids to use their imagination. Although, my son says it is quite reasonable. I guess it is all in perspective.

So, he used pieces we already had and made up his own snake creation. Its name isn’t Jazz as indicated in the mouthpiece, but he used what he had.


Look at those fangs! He says the mouth will hold one mini-figure. What could be better than a mini-figure in a snake mouth? Eeew!


And, how about fulfilling your dream of riding a snake? Hop on the snake rider seat.


There’s the whole body, all curvy, and slinky thanks to some ball joints from another set.


Finally, can you find the Disney character piece in the body?

No Sew Superhero Capes

So,  our plans to go to an outdoor fall festival were crushed by the heavy rains the day before and the announcement the festival was cancelled. Funny, morning came quickly and there wasn’t a drop of rain all day. All the kids were itching to do something and slinging blankets around in the living room, trying to drape themselves in blanket togas, and leaping from the sofa were not cutting it with me. It was time to send the kids outside. But not our blankets 🙂

What could I use to create some capes for my little superheroes? Ah-ha! My husband has some old polo shirts that are stretched out and I thought, this could be a quick project. Four capes in 15 minutes and they were outside having fun!

All you need is an old polo shirt and scissors. Ready?

1. Lay the shirt out flat on the floor with the front side up.

2. Cut up the side seams on both sides to the armpit of the sleeve.

3. Cut the sleeves off along the seams.

4. Cut straight across the front of the shirt right under the buttons.

5. Put on your cape and go play!

6. You can use some of the leftover pieces to cut out eye masks or some super power arm bands (just tie them on).

By the way, that patch of dirt just won’t grow grass. I even tried to transplant weeds into it. Have fun!

Happy Birthday Cake!

I love how kids have their own way of saying things. For instance, birthday cake. What memories and thoughts formulate in your mind when you hear birthday cake? Do you think about swiping your finger over the icing? Did you get to pick out the flavor and decorations for your cake? Did your parents buy one from the store because they forgot or didn’t know how to make one? Did you make one with your mom and get to lick the icing beaters off.

Or does birthday cake remind you of another year down. If your older does it make you think of another ache and pain that might pop up this year? If you’re a parent, do tears form in your eyes as you watch your little ones becoming self-sufficient (isn’t that what you always wanted until it actually happened and then you want them totally dependent and cuddled on your lap again)?

June 2013 063

Do you remember how it sounded when Happy Birthday was sung to you? Was it a with gusto version by a bunch of musicians in ten part harmony? Was tone-deaf Aunt So and So the only voice you could hear? Was it cheers of delight and cha-cha-chas added in because “that’s how we do it at school”? You probably have an idea in your head, remembering what it was like.

So, birthday cake. That’s okay. But, how about when your child calls it “Happy Birthday Cake”! Children have such a great way of putting things. For 35 years, it was just birthday cake, which, don’t get me wrong is always fantastic. But now, it’s Happy Birthday Cake! See, every time I say it, it needs to end with an exclamation point.

I mean, what’s another year older when you have “Happy Birthday Cake”?! Who cares if the icing got squished by a finger and it’s not perfect anymore? It’s time for your “Happy Birthday Cake”! Go ahead, take a bite. Happy Birthday Cake won’t let you down! The things kids say that can change your outlook on life around you. Wow. Sure, morning came quickly and you might be another year older than you want to be. But really, go enjoy some Happy Birthday Cake!